Surge in popularity for Yoga in Covid-19

In these hard times of Covid-19 it’s hard to find any good that comes out of this crazy mess we find ourselves in, with all the restrictions laid down by main governments around the world it’s difficult to keep up any normal exercise routine. But there is one plus in all this and we’ll come onto it in a minute.

In a world where TV, social media is full of political B**L S**t, where negativity is the norm, there are stories of kindness, heart felt gestures, solidarity for the greater good and basic humanity for others. People have been looking out for each other, taking care of the people that matter and also strangers taking the time to help others in need. Yes, you won’t get to see much of this in the media, as good news does not sell. But if you take the time to search the internet then you’ll find there’s more good than bad in this world.

How have people coped with spending weeks in isolation, how have the lonely coped with months and months of more loneliness? How have people also coped with the many hours of being in the same company as there family members too? It works both ways, but for everyone we need time alone, to relax, to think. With each month of lock-down people have had to spend their time finding ways to reset there thinking, find ways to fill the void of nothingness.

Well for many, Yoga (or Yogi as some call it) was their favorite. Many associate the practice of yoga as physical exercise and indeed it is. But Yoga is much more. In these long days of isolation you’d need an exercise that both gives you a good workout but gives you relaxation afterwards and relieves you of all that stress. Prolonged isolation and forced cessation of our normal activity can lead to stress related health problems but with Yoga we overcome most of these.

With online yoga classes popping up everywhere, people where joining in a new future way to exercise in their own living rooms. People realizing that if I can’t go to the gym class, then the gym class needs to come to me. To be honest to do Yoga all you need is around 4ft by 4ft of space which many people have in their homes or gardens. Whether it was Zoom, Skype, Facebook live people where engaging with others in yoga. If it wasn’t live then it was done by watching instruction lead YouTube videos. This for many has been the new norm.

Before covid-19 studies showed that one in every four people where effected in some way with mental health disorders, I can only imagine without the help of yoga in lock-down this number would sky rocket to another troublesome level. People have in these hard times begin to realize that Yoga is becoming more and more effective in treating these mental disorders that effect so many each day. We all need to promote a more “zen” state of mind that many teach within the yoga master community. Reducing stress, promoting positivism, generating well-being in our own mental health while introducing flexibility, strength, muscle tone, this is Yoga and that’s why it’s number one in charts of the go-to exercise in this covid-19 state of emergency.

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