Why Printed Gym Leggings/Yoga Pants are Hot


First things first, is there even a difference between leggings and yoga pants? They look so similar that even regular users have trouble pointing out which is which. No, they’re not the same thing at all, but the truth is, there is not much difference between the two. The only significant variation lies in the materials used, but apart from that, they’re usually pretty interchangeable.

That said, leggings have been around a lot longer than yoga pants. They were initially looser and worn as an undergarment, until it eventually evolved to the tight-fitting form we know today. It gained popularity as athleisure wear when the technicolor obsession of the 80s took place. In comparison, printed pants are fairly new as it was only first sold in 1998 by Lululemon.

The existence of leggings and pants is surprisingly still a controversial subject. Since its popularization, multiple groups and individuals have expressed their distaste for its tight-fit and have tried to impose this view onto others. Protests have been done to address how policing the use of leggings and pants perpetuates stereotypes that reflect sexism and racism.


Despite the constant pushback, the printed leggings and pants industry has flourished in recent years. It has even progressed from the solid color designs and can now be found in printed styles.

These prints became a huge trend in the athleisure wear scene, and was predicted to become an even bigger thing in 2020. Rumor has it that this trend is here to stay. The versatility of the printed leggings and pants makes itself a viable fashion option to a wider audience. Men and women alike can be spotted sporting a printed pair in gyms everywhere.

There are a lot of reasons why printed leggings and pants are on-trend, so let me give you the top 8 reasons why more people are wearing printed gym leggings and yoga pants today:


It goes without saying, but leggings and pants are incredibly comfortable to wear. Leggings and pants are typically made of very breathable materials to serve their initial purpose of being athleisure wear. The materials used, such as cotton, spandex, and nylon, gives the leggings the opportunity to air out instead of keeping the heat in while worn. Unlike other clothing, leggings and pants can last anyone through a rough day without any downsides of overheating.

What makes leggings so comfortable?

  • The soft materials used feels great on the skin. No chafing for us!
  • Doesn’t matter if you fill up on a meal, your leggings will accommodate you.
  • It’s tight, but in all the right ways. Jeans? We don’t know her.


It’s like a second skin; you won’t even notice you’re wearing anything after a while. It used to be more of an in-gym only outfit, but nowadays more people can be seen wearing leggings and yoga bottoms outside while going about their day-to-day lives.

I know it seems like people wear leggings and pants to boost sex appeals, but it’s really more than that. Sometimes it’s not even the visuals that matter. The truth is, leggings and yoga bottoms offer so much more mobility compared to other clothes, largely because of how skin-tight it is. It offers less obstruction when doing tasks, and even less constriction to the body. It’s made so the wearer can do any and all activities without experiencing much discomfort, and who doesn’t want that?


Convenience might just be one of the top reasons why people just love leggings and yoga bottoms. Especially with printed leggings, it’s so easy to add in a dash of personality into any outfit. It’s also easy to style it according to wherever you’re headed. Late for a friendly hangout? Just throw on any old pair of printed yoga pants, and your friends will be none the wiser.


I mean, sure, some pairs tend to cost a bit more, but most pairs of gym leggings and yoga leggings come super cheap. Not to mention that it’s originally designed for gym wear, so it’s not susceptible to immediate wear and tear. Even if you buy one that is a little pricier, it’s sure to last a lot longer than your average clothing.

It’s also worth mentioning that it kind of grows with you. Even if you put on a little weight or become bloated for some reason, your leggings will be able to adapt to your body, so no need for any immediate wardrobe overhaul.


Call me dramatic, but I think most jeans suck. My skin can’t breathe, I can’t move, and I can barely breathe after a full meal. Let’s admit it, most of us are so over jeans. It’s better to do away with that and just go for the better option: leggings and yoga bottoms.

A lot of people will argue that leggings and yoga bottoms are not presentable enough to substitute for jeans and other pants wear, but that’s totally dependent on what type of leggings you choose. There are a number of printed leggings and yoga pants that are designed to be appropriate for a lot of locations. No one will ever know that the cute bottoms you’re wearing are actually yoga leggings. You can still look presentable and in-place, while still being able to function at 100% because you don’t feel constricted anymore.


We all know about the mythical “little black dress”, the one you can wear to any and all occasions. Well, gym leggings and yoga leggings can be just that for you. When you get that pair that makes you feel extra good, you can wear it anywhere you want, and that boost of confidence is all you need to pull it off. A solid pair that you can match with the majority of your closet is well worth its cost.


Look. I know I said people don’t wear leggings and printed yoga leggings just for the sex appeal, but sometimes, it is because it makes you feel sexy and confident. The way the cloth hugs all the right places can make anyone feel good. Plus, most materials for leggings and yoga pants can help compress and suck in “problem areas”, kind of like an instant yet temporary tummy tuck.

Normal pants can be bulky and add to the lumps you don’t like, but leggings and yoga bottoms don’t present that problem. It gives you a nice sleek look that’s sure to give you the boost you need.


Attention all the quirky ladies out there: now is your time to shine! Printed gym leggings and pants make it infinitely easier to let our personalities shine while silently working out. Want to tell the whole gym how much of a dog-lover you are? Get yourself a printed yoga pants filled with the cutest dogs known to man. Want to project a more chill vibe? Find a galaxy pair to strut your stuff in. Printed pants and leggings are available on the market on numerous physical and online shops, and the choices are quite literally endless.


Now that we’re all updated on why people love printed leggings and printed yoga pants, I want to make life a little easier by making a short list to start you on your athleisure wear journey. Here are my top 6 printed leggings and yoga pants picks that serves as good basics to have in your closet.


3D Printed High Waist Women’s Gym Leggings.

This one is easily one of the coolest looking gym leggings I know of. The shiny, metal-like print makes you look like a sexy warrior in armor. This pair settles right on the abdomen and can help keep everything in, making it much easier to work out. It comes in three different colors (black, gold, purple), which means you can get all three and look like dope android machine in the gym. For more information on the leggings in the picture below then click here.

Women Printed Fitness Leggings.

This pair of leggings only looks like jeans at first glance, but it’s still good old leggings. The design can fool anyone into thinking you’re wearing actual jeans, plus the elegant lace-like trim at the cuffs elevates the style even more. You can get away with wearing this pair at slightly formal events, cause really, no one’s going to think you were wearing “fake” jeans. This comes in four color variants (black, red, blue, purple). Want to look a little classy for a date? These leggings might just do the trick for you. For more information on the leggings in the picture below then click here.

Women SFit Gym Leggings.

Another pair of “jeggings”, this style will suit anyone who is just plain sick of earing uncomfortable denim jeans. Again, no one’s going to automatically think you were wearing fake jeans, so it’s fairly easy to get away with. The textured design also lends itself to looking a lot more realistic than expected. It’s a high-waisted legging which makes it a pretty convenient shapewear. For more information on the leggings in the picture below then click here.

Women Fitness Coffee Leggings.

While coffee isn’t exactly the main core of any gym, it’s still a huge part of most people’s lives. This pair of coffee leggings is an absolute statement for the coffee lovers out there. It can also serve as a great conversation starter, “Hey I noticed you like coffee, wanna grab one?” Turn your leggings into a wingman, no one’s going to stop you. For more information on the leggings in the picture below then click here.

Minnie Mickey Yoga Gym Leggings.

For anyone who wants to unabashedly announce how much they love Disney, I got you covered. This pair of Minnie Mickey Yoga Gym Leggings are a not-so-subtle proclamation that yes, you love Disney and will proudly show it off. This pair comes in multiple colors that range from understated to loud. For more information on the leggings in the picture below then click here.

White Around Printed Fitness Leggings.

Simple, clean-cut, sharp. Those are the words that come to mind with this printed design. The sharp lines of this pattern are simple yet bold, it gives off a very no-nonsense vibe. This design goes to show that there is elegance in simplicity. For more information on the leggings in the picture below then click here.


Women 3D Sunflower Printed Yoga Leggings.

I personally don’t know anyone who is opposed to the sunflower design. It’s fun, vibrant, and makes everything a little bit brighter. This style will suit a simple black top or a just-as-bright yellow top. The waistband is also settled high to help keep everything in while doing your complex yoga poses. For more information on the leggings in the picture below then click here.

Women Workout Printed Trousers.

Another simple design, this print makes it look like you’re glittering in the middle of yoga class. The pattern trails up the legs which gives the illusion of added length. This pattern is available in multiple colors combinations like grey-gold, black-gold, black-grey, and black-purple. For more information on the leggings in the picture below then click here.

Women Floral Yoga Bottoms.

Who doesn’t love a good, basic floral pattern? This black piece is a great go-to for any session. It is both feminine and sharp, and goes well with almost any top you desire. For more information on the leggings in the picture below then click then.

Women Letter Printing Slim Yoga Pants.

#Lift. #Squat. This mostly solid-colored pants are for the hardcore gym-goers here. The only print here are the hashtag statements, and the rest is a solid block of color. This makes styling it much easier, as it will go well with any gym outfit you choose. For more information on the leggings in the picture below then click here.

Women Unique Print Yoga Pants.

This is another good basic pair to have. The deep blue with the bright birds of paradise pattern offers a good contrast that is easy on the eyes. The lines scattered on the yoga pants also provides some emphasis that slim down specific areas like the waist and thighs. For more information on the leggings in the picture below then click here.

Women Patchwork Floral Print Sports Yoga Leggings.

The patchwork pattern is a fun visual twist that does well in elongating the legs. A huge plus is the fact that this pair has some oh-so-coveted pockets that are typically absent in women’s clothes. These yoga pants can come in three different colors (black, red, green). For more information on the leggings in the picture below then click here.

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