Yoga a way of life


Most people are under the false assumption that yoga purely exercises and stretching when, in actuality, it’s a system of values of how to live one’s life (a true way to live life). The exercise aspect is a minute aspect of it.

Ancient yoga, which has grown significantly in its popularity, has overtaken the gym to get healthy and toned. Therefore, it’s not that big of a surprise to find people wanting to make money out of it – from competitive sports to boot camps to trademarking the term. “yoga.”

You don’t find yoga at the gym and come home feeling empowered or enlightened. It doesn’t work that way. Yoga is a way of life, and the real aspects of it are only found through self-discipline and dedication.

Anybody – young and old, healthy, unhealthy, fit or obese – can participate in yoga exercises. The key to success is to find what suits you best. The style and pace you choose may not be right for your best friend or spouse. You must be patient and dedicated to mastering yoga. Go at a pace that you feel comfortable with to get the most experience from it.


There are a plethora of ways in which to learn about yoga (and its different types). Besides gyms, you can check out dedicated yoga studios, watch online streaming videos or DVDs, etc. Now, DVDs and streaming methods are ideal for people with busy lifestyles. You get to learn at a pace that’s comfortable for you, at a time that is convenient for you.

Still, it’s not a bad idea to speak with a highly-trained yoga instructor to get familiar with yoga. With their help, you learn how to get into positions and stay in alignment properly. As you know, as with any exercise program, failing to exercise correctly can lead to injuries that will be painful and potentially costly.


One type of yoga that can help you feel good inside and out is called Asana yoga. It’s a physical expression of yoga that doesn’t focus on mastering difficult moves in a short timeframe. Asana is more about looking within yourself. The problem with Western society’s increased interest in yoga is that people mistake it as exercise and push themselves too quickly and expect rapid results.

Asana yoga makes people take a step back and focus on the inner self. 


When you exercise, you want to wear attire that is comfortable and allows you to move. The same adage applies to yoga. Since Asana comprises of an array of moves from high-impact to low-impact moves, you should wear clothing that allows you to freely move while practicing. The best clothing is dependent on your comfortability.

  • Do you want something loose and cottony?
  • Do you want something fits tightly (think spandex)? 

The fitness and apparel manufacturers have long used synthetics to create their clothing line. This means fabrics are tainted with chemicals during both the growing and manufacturing processes. Synthetic materials, however, can lead to skin irritations and result in both short and long-term adverse environmental effects 


For yoga clothing, organic cotton is generally recommended because it doesn’t contain any synthetic material or dangerous chemicals. Organic cotton means no chemicals are applied to the plant, making them softer, healthier and more comfortable than synthetic or conventional cottons. When looking for yoga clothing, be sure to read the label to see if it’s made of organic cotton.

Since yoga clothing is designed for much more than just yoga these days, finding them on the market won’t be too difficult. Organic yoga clothing includes shirts, tank tops, shorts, headbands, sweaters, etc. from many well-known clothing brands like the Banana Republic and Nike.

So, if you suffer from allergies or have sensitive skin, organic yoga clothes will be your best bet, and you won’t spend much more (if at all) for them.

Remember, yoga isn’t just exercise that gets you into shape. It’s a way of life that allows you to bring your inner and outer selves together as one. You allow your body to relax while also toning it up through stretches and exercises.  Comfortable clothing, such as organic yoga clothing, can enhance the yoga experience so you can benefit from your new true way of living life.

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