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Which one are you? Are you the shy one lacking confidence or very confident. Everyone has friends who seem confident and out going, not scared to put themselves out there, some have learned to exhibit your personal power and confidence. Having a healthy ego isn’t a nasty thing to possess, driven by there own self-confidence gives them a drive towards success within the life they lead. True confidence comes from within and self-assurance could also be a top quality which will be cultivated, practiced, and strengthened. it is not just something that comes naturally to some people, and to not others, without nothing we’ll do nothing to reinforce our sense of self-confidence.

Utilizing yogic techniques of asana, pranayama, and meditation, we’ll uncover and address the layers of insecurity obscuring our inner self strength and always practicing the improving of our own self-confidence. Sound good? How can yoga work to help you’re feeling more self-assured publicly or be able to speak your truth during a difficult relationship or in front of a crowd?

Yoga can help balance your Manipura chakra, which is said to the ego, self-confidence, willpower, self-discipline, and fire. The Manipura or navel chakra is that the third of seven main chakras or energy centers in your subtle body. By stoking your inner fire and burning off layers of inertia or insecurity, you release your own personal power and feel motivated to meet life with a positive, proactive approach. you furthermore may learn to quieten your mind and learn to trust your gut instincts, which confident people do more easily than others.

Often, our own self-sabotaging behaviors and habits prevent us from being our most authentic self. We all have old patterns or beliefs mentioned as vikalpas, which weaken our self-confidence. Learning to identify our own vikalpas and creating practices to release self-doubt can change negative patterns and enable us to achieve our fullest potential. Who doesn’t want to find and use 100 percent of our personal power, confidence, and vitality?

At the height of the day, yoga could also be a practice of uncovering our greatest self, and committing to live our lives with energy, determination, and authenticity. Shift your focus inside and strive to attenuate your negative patterns, strengthen your muscles and bones, and walk taller as you navigate life. Your breath, your movement, and your intentions, can assist you improve your self-confidence and be faithful yourself.

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